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We plan, design and build Outdoors Kitchens, Entertaining Areas, Structures, Fireplaces and Fire Pits of all shapes and sizes to suit your lifestyle and budget. The possibilities and configurations, materials and finishes are endless, we're only limited by imagination.

Eloise Outdoor Kitchens was realised on a trip to Canada, where the way of life is concentrated on the love for the great outdoors. From a simple fire-pit to a fully operational outdoor kitchen. Canadians seemed to have a huge admiration of eating, drinking, and generally entertaining 'alfresco style'. Our Outdoor Kitchens can be designed and built to suit all tastes and budgets.

As fully qualified master bricklayers with endless experience and knowledge of the construction industry, we decided that with a comparable climate here in UK, the Outdoor living concept could easily work here - so Eloise Outdoor Kitchens was born.

Outdoor Kitchen examples

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